Analysis and Optimization of Fuzzy Logic Based MPPT for Grid Connected Photovoltaic System



Power management


Solar is one of the most important renewable energy sources that consistently operates with clean, sustainable, and ecologically beneficial operations in the photovoltaic power producing station. Additionally, due to the nature of photovoltaic power, the fluctuating trend in PV system output energy reduces their dependability in terms of supplying consumers with uninterrupted energy. A significant benefit of photovoltaic (PV) structures is their capacity to harness the immense and unpredictable power of the sun. Strong sunlight environments have accelerated PV science, which is now present in high-efficiency regions and regions with frequent cloud cover. A modeling approach for renewable grid-connected microgrids is presented in this research. Under gloomy or foggy situations, the long rambling factor makes up the majority of solar insolation. This work simulates a PV system using MATLAB and uses a fuzzy method to monitor the component that consumes the most energy. The findings of the fuzzy Logic version were improved for validation, and they were also contrasted with those from other methods like perturb and observe (P&O) and proportional integral differential (PID).


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