Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Free Space Optics/ Visible Light Communication Systems



Free Space Optic (FSO), Visible light Communication (VLC), Atmospheric turbulence, Hybrid FSO/VLC


A hybrid free space optical (FSO)/visible light communication (VLC) system is a remarkable wireless technology for overcoming the last mile gap and for future broadband wireless communication. In detail, this research examines the hybrid FSO/VLC system performance using Optisystem 19 software. The system performance of the wireless hybrid FSO/VLC is evaluated using the bit error rate, quality factor, and eye diagram for weak and strong turbulence regimes referring to the Gamma-Gamma atmospheric turbulence channel. At BER of  the maximum attainable distances are 1.3 km and 1.8 km for 0 dBm and 5 dBm transmitted power in clear weather, respectively. However, when the transmit power reduces to -5 dBm, the measured BER drops to 8×10-3 with a distance of 1 km link range. Moreover, when the power increases from 0 dBm to 5 dBm, the distance of the connection between Tx and Rx can be extended from 1.1 km and 1.9 km under weak turbulence conditions at the target BER of 10-9. In contrast, at the same target of BER, only 5 dBm of transmitted power managed to capture the signal at a distance of 1.7 km for strong turbulence conditions. This result can be the benchmark research to investigate and identify the best strategies for validating future experimentation difficulties.


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