A New Topology of High-Efficiency DC-DC Hybrid Boost SEPIC Converter for PV Cell



Step-up Converter, High voltage gain, SMPS, MOSFET Switch


This paper initiates a high-gain high efficiency step-up DC-DC converter based on Boost SEPIC (Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter) hybrid topology for photovoltaic application. Customarily DC-DC converter circuit is a widely used technique to improve the voltage level of solar cells. However, for low output voltage and low efficiency, they are not sufficient enough to provide expected outcomes. To defeat the conventional system a hybrid Boost SEPIC topology has been recommended with enhanced performance. The proposed design of the DC-DC converter circuit can provide a high voltage gain without decaying its overall performance. The modified converter topology is being worked by a single switch with low switching voltage stress over the semiconductor devices. The main edge of the proposed design is that it can perform efficiently without using any transformer, the combined design of Boost SEPIC topology increases the voltage gain much higher compared to the conventional Boost or SEPIC. The maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm is used to obtain maximum power from a photovoltaic source. MATLAB Simulink and PSIM software has analyzed the performance of the newly designed converter circuit thoroughly.


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